BlueJ Bug Database

Welcome to the BlueJ bug database.

You can view bugs and requests for enhancements (called 'tickets') using the 'View Tickets' or 'Search' functions. Tickets, tasks and the roadmap can be viewed without registration.

To submit a new bug ticket, or modify an existing one, registration is required.

BlueJ 's bug tracking was previously (before September 2007) handled by an older bug database located at . Historic (closed) bugs can be viewed there, but all submission of new bugs must be made here.

Before entering a new bug:

Before entering a bug, make sure that you are using the latest version of BlueJ and that the problem isn't a known bug as listed at Also check to see that the problem is not mentioned in the FAQ.

Also consider using the support form here instead: (especially if you are not sure if the problem you are having is due to a bug in BlueJ).

Finally, if you do create a new bug entry, try to provide as much information as possible. The information requested on the support form is also useful in bug reports.

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